Atomizing Melter

1. Charges the raw material into furnaces in such a manner that efficient and continuous melting occurs.
2. Ensures that the prescribed conditions are established (i.e., metal temperatures, deoxidization conditions, deslag conditions) for pouring molten metal into atomizing chamber.
3. Pours molten metal into atomizing chamber.
4. Exercises judgement on condition of various refractory components to ensure against failure during melting and to maintain good conditions for atomizing.
5. Tears down and relines refractory components in furnace and tundish assemblies as necessary.
6. Maintains atomizing and melting records.
7. Change plenums, top hat assemblies, nozzles and switches pumps.
8. Makes up charge of raw material by weighing out specified constituents and assembling them for charging the furnace.
9. Prepares tundishes and sets tundishes in place for atomizing process.
10. Responsible for controlling power level during pour.
11. Responsible for installing nozzles, setting water pressure, starting pumps, and purging tank with N2.
12. Tears out used refractories, patches furnaces when needed, clean-up resulting debris, installs crucible and ram linings as needed.
13. Removes wet powder from atomizing chamber, washes out chamber as required and empties and cleans holding tanks between alloys.
14. Keeps refractories and associated tools and equipment in orderly situation and empties slag barrels.
15. Loads driers when necessary.
16. Assists in setting up screens in conjunction with the cell concept.
17. Performs other duties as required.

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